Augmented Reality


It would be great if intuiface started exploring augmented reality integration.


You could create something in Unity, and then import it into IF.


Do you have any background on this? I’m not aware of how to “import” a Unity program in intuiface. Are you talking about just launching a 3rd party app within the intuiface player?


No there was a plugin built a few months ago.

Let me find it and get back to you.


Here you go.

Thank me later (474.7 KB)


Awesome, thanks!


What would be good scenarios to have Intuiface integrated with AR?

We have looked into ARKit apps controlling remotely an Intuiface XP:

Or it could be viceversa, A digital signage XP generates a marker for a mobile AR app. I’m curious about your use cases, as we’d love to explore this field further.


+1 to hear about your scenarios, don’t be shy :wink: