Augmented Reality

It would be great if intuiface started exploring augmented reality integration.

You could create something in Unity, and then import it into IF.

Do you have any background on this? I’m not aware of how to “import” a Unity program in intuiface. Are you talking about just launching a 3rd party app within the intuiface player?

No there was a plugin built a few months ago.

Let me find it and get back to you.

Here you go.

Thank me later (474.7 KB)


Awesome, thanks!

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What would be good scenarios to have Intuiface integrated with AR?

We have looked into ARKit apps controlling remotely an Intuiface XP:

Or it could be viceversa, A digital signage XP generates a marker for a mobile AR app. I’m curious about your use cases, as we’d love to explore this field further.


+1 to hear about your scenarios, don’t be shy :wink:

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Sorry it took so long to reply, holidays and all.

The item manufacturer would like to place a kiosk (iPad or Android device) several feet in front of the item(s) and overlay different colors and backgrounds which will allow the customer to better see what the item will look like in the customers space.

The primary benefits of using this within an intuiface environment is the monitoring and deployment features that the intuiface web interface provides. Analytics would also be a great addition if usable within this scenario.

To date, we’ve been unable to find a perfect solution to monitor, update and deploy interactive experiences. We currently use Log Me In and TeamViewer which don’t work very well for monitoring large deployments.

Excellent stuff Mike, I’m going to test that out. Unity has some great AR integrations, and a Vuforia image target viewer would be a good use for it (or even better beacon integration).

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Has anyone explored Adobe Aero AR mobile app integration with Intuiface experiences?

I haven’t played with Adobe Aero, but I’d expect to behave along the lines of other AR apps that recognize physical trackers. Here is example 1 and example 2 of Intuiface integration with the (now defunct) Torch AR app.


Thanks Paolo…These are great examples, and hopefully we can develop with Adobe AR… a company we know can weather the economic and COVID-19 storms that unfortunately smaller companies like Torch AR have understandably been unable to overcome.

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