Using the timeline

I try to use the timeline for the history of my hometown in Norway. I want to start in the year 200 and end today.
Problem is that the timeline seem to deal with dates and days. The events I want to put in is several hundred years apart.
I cant find a way to change the scale from days to maybe each 100 year. Is it possible at all?

This is currently not possible as the timeline will display years as it’s widest range.

We are interested in getting feedback as to what your exact needs would be though as we are looking to improve the timeline in the future.

Well, I work with archeology, so It would be nice if it was possible to choose your own range. Years, Decade, hundred years or thousand years.


Hi @runen1,
If you take a look at the Design Trends example created by Intuiface - it shows ways to use parallax with the linear converter.

To me, the linear converter is one of the best tools - especially for timelines. You can literally create your own timeline graphically and better control the movement of everything.

I have an example of one here: Touch Screen Kiosk Features - YouTube

There’s some other stuff in that video too - but the first part shows a timeline. I have slider on the bottom which is bound to the whole background and the dates flying across the bottom. Then over the dates, I have invisible rectangles. When the slider is “dropped on” an invisible rectangle, it sets the position of the slider to that point. So you can move the slider and have it ‘snap’ to each date. Then I have buttons come down that are also bound to the slider, depending on where it is overall.

The linear converter takes a bit to get used to, but after you get the hang of it, it makes everything and cool-looking.


You always have very good answers Alex, Thanx.
My problem is that I am very new to this program,
so I don’t think I can do something like this before I learn some more.
I am mostly a filmmaker, but I love this program so with more time I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Well thanks @runen1 :smile:

I love this program too (probably a little too much…), but it makes work FUN. It takes a little bit to get the hang of the bindings and converters, that’s for sure. One day it will just click and there will be a flood of ideas with it. God knows it would take me forever to learn to be a good filmmaker. Good luck and feel free to reach out if you need a second opinion.

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Hi Alex, You told me to reach out if I needed a second opinion, so I have shared my project with info(at) It’s not finished, and I asume you don’t speak Norwegian, but anyway it would be nice if you took a look at it. :grin:

Hey @runen1,
Haha, I don’t speak Norwegian, but I’m happy to take a quick look.

Is it possible to share the XP with Thanks!

Nice :slight_smile: now it’s almost time for bed here. But I will do it tomorrow. Don’t know if I can share it from the phone. Anyway it’s going to be opened tomorrow with an audience of 2-300 people, so I hope it’s good enough. I will be working a lot more on it afterwards. So your opinion counts a lot. This is my first interactive experience.

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Wow - congrats! Hope it turns out well for ya.
With your background I’m sure you can relate - everything has room for improvement, so thanks for asking my opinion. I literally change the way I do things in this software weekly because I’m still finding new features to apply. Excited to see the XP, thanks.

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One question I would be very interested in:
I am going to make a version in English and I have three options: when a person speaks on a film in Norwegian would you rather as a tourist in Norway:
1.see a new actor speak in English.
(A lot of work and expensive)
2. See a dubbed version or
3. See an original with English speak on top.(while turning the original volume down)
Don’t know what you are most used to over there. In Norway we just text everything, but I know it’s different in other countries.

Looking forward to see this XP too :slight_smile:

Personal experience regarding tourism: when I visit another country, or when I watch a foreign documentary, I’m both used to listen to the native voice and read english subtitles, or hear the native voice with very low volume and English spoken over it.

My 2 cents

Thanx Seb. I think Texting would be wrong since the target group is from 12 years and up. In Latvia, they have the most terrible solution: English film, all the male actors are read in Russian by one male and all female actors by one female. With absolutely no change of tone. AND there is Latvian subtitles.

I think Ill go for the low native voice and a good English speak. I think in fact the tourists like to hear the Norwegian voice, they think It’s cute I hear :slight_smile:

Where do I share it with you Seb?

I saw it on Chloe’s PC, very good job with the graphics and video !

Thanx alot Seb, I will soon set an appointment with you for my free half hour :slight_smile:

Nice job indeed! Graphics look great, and the elements make you feel like you are part of the scene. Nice job on the videos too, they integrate well into the whole experience.

I’m probably with @Seb about the English. We’re probably more used to English subtitles - or the lower volume voice over sounds interesting too, but I’ve not had much experience with that.

For suggestions regarding the way you put it together - I usually try to condense most of my content into as little of scenes as possible. It allows you to bring content up faster and smoother. Heavier content - like the fighting videos would probably be better in a new scene. But others with simple touch pop-ups, I usually create a group and transition them in somehow.

Also, work a bit with the timing of the way your videos play and fade-in. You may be able to make those transitions a bit more smooth. In each of the scene properties, you can turn off the “Show usage animation”, which will make the play watermark disappear.

I think you did a great job of incorporating a lot of content for your first XP! As you work more with this, you’ll find new ways to organize and transition everything - and then you’ll be unstoppable.

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Wow, that’s more than I expected Alex. I totally agree with everything. But I’ve had just A few days to do the touch up with transitions and other smoothing.
The fights are already in separate scenes so I don’t understand what you mean about that.
Today was insane, the screen arrived at 10. It was ordered with a computer but we just got the screen. I tested it for the first time today at 2 and had to run back to the office to fix a lot that didn’t work. The opening was at 6 this evening. So I’m glad it worked at all actually. The audience loved it so all is well now.

The weirdest thing however on the touching: the movies and the popups worked on a light touch, but the home button was almost impossible to make react, what is that about?

I understand completely - every project feels like a race sometimes. For the fighting scene - I was simply making a note that I would have left it in it’s own scene, and tried to condense some other scenes into one.

For the touching - I’ve most often seen non-responsive touches depending on the type of screen you have. If you have a DST touch screen (dispersive signal) it means that the touch is read by the vibrations of the glass…so if you touch too softly it won’t register at all. Other screens like optical, infrared, PCAP can be touched very softly and it will register just fine. Personally, I like the infrared screens the best.

Warm Regards,

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Yes I understand that. But it was different reaction on the same screen. Isn’t that odd?

Regarding your “home button”, maybe you could have a look at this article and create a real button object (ex: using 2 gifs) instead of your group + image + text and the “is tapped” trigger.

You can also create a transparent button over your image + text.

In both cases, that’ll give more feedback to the user “yes, you really touched that button” and might work better.

On the hardware side, be careful with infrared technologies as corners might not work well all the time.