Send or receive messages over UDP

Hi Intuiface community!

After getting this question I felt I had to share an updated version of the UDP communication Interface Asset that was available (and yes, a bit hidden…) in this other community thread.

What’s new?

This version enables you to

  • Send a message, either in ASCII (string) or in HEX over UDP, using a specified address & port
  • NEW Receive messages over UDP, using a specified port.

What didn’t change: this Interface Asset is still written in .NET thus only available for Composer & Player for Windows.


How it works

The sample should be self-explanatory :slight_smile:
You have 2 actions to send messages (ASCII or HEX) and 1 trigger to receive a message.
If you want to receive messages, don’t forget to call once the “Start listening” method, specifying the port to use.

What can you do with it?

Good question!! and we’d love to know the answer!

You guys have access to some fancy hardware such as DMX / MIDI controllers than be controlled through UDP, so if you make some wow effects installation where an Intuiface XP controls visual / audio effects in an exhibition, please share some pictures or even better videos of your creations!