HELP! - I need interface to trigger an external show controller

Hi, thanks for your interest. I need to build an intuiface experience that at the push of a button “triggers” a show controller on the network that will run a light show.

The controller is accessible via RS-232 (serial), RS-485 (serial) or UDP (network).

I am familiar with building intuiface experiences, but not ones that have to talk to external controllers.

Hey @Responsive_Media

What “Push” button hardware have you got?

Who the Manufacturer and device name?

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@Louie_Smith - Hi! Thanks for the quick reply.

The button would be programmed within intuiface, it’s not a physical button.

We want to force people to use the touch interface before getting rewarded with an a/v show.


My next question is what are the lights you wish to control via serial?

Have you read this article? Communicate with devices through a serial port

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Yes, I did. And I am under the impression that that is exactly what I’ll need. To create a custom .net asset interface to talk to the box. But that is a bit beyond my knowledge. Let me backtrack a bit and give you more information…

I am creating an experience that is attached to a booth that has lights, audio and video. I want to run a touch experience on intuiface, and through it, activate a show controller that changes the lights/audio / etc. on the booth.

The controller is only accessible via RS-232 (serial), RS-485 (serial) or UDP (network).

This is the actual product -

Hi Ricardo @Responsive_Media,

The link @Louie_Smith gave you is indeed the best direction to follow. You won’t need to create your own .NET Interface Asset since you can reuse the one available for download in that article.

If your controller is accessible through RS-232, I’m assuming it’s connected to your Windows PC through a Serial over USB cable. You just need to figure out which COM port it’s using and using the sample in the article, you should be able to send commands to it.

They key question will probably be “what message do you need to send” to that product :slight_smile:


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If you want to test the UDP protocol instead, you’ll find another sample available in this community thread.

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For those interested in this UDP topic, I started a new topic where I share the latest experience / Interface Asset version: Send or receive messages over UDP
See you there :wink:

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