Object recognition


Has anyone ever experimented with object recognition? Even on a basic level, either using intuiface or any other software. Our first step is having the touch points recognized by the system. Just curious what others have tried using PCap or flatfrogs InGlass technology.


Object recognition using capacitive Screens

Hi @paulh,

We recently received a few requests about object recognition and the TUIO protocol. I worked on a little Interface Asset that would listen to this protocol and let you use objects in an IntuiFace experience.
If you have any way of testing this with real objects, please tell me and I’ll share a test project with you.



We are using it with objects with plastic stoppers on the base. This way the touch display sees the unique pattern and displays the specific content. Currently, we are achieving this as a custom app but would like to explore using Intuiface for some of our less unique projects.


Are you developing the software that recognizes the patterns? If so, I guess you could export this information through the TUIO protocol and use my Interface Asset to retrieve the object information within IntuiFace.
You could also think about creating your own Interface Asset to include your code directly in your project.

Object recognition - capacitive and infra-red

Hi Seb,

I’m also trying to achieve object recognition using intuiface.

I’ve found the following TUIO proxy that can be programmed to recognise the object and create the TUIO data https://github.com/hoshijirushi/Vega/wiki

I was hoping to try this with your interface asset if you don’t mind sharing it?




Hi @martin,

I just shared a test experience that includes the TUIO Interface Asset with you.
Please send me your feedback as soon as you test it



Please can you send over the test XP to us aswell if possible?




Hi @Seb,

We been using Object Viz for object recognition, but we couldn’t integrate the same for IntuiFace experience. Can you please send me the experience which supports object recognition.

thank you


HI Seb - could you send me the sample project as well. Thanks!


Shared with @dharshan and @GazM


Hi Seb.

I’ve an object recognising touch-sensor here, and have built it into a TUIO server. Could you share your asset with me?

Kind regards,

Colm Mulvey


Hi @colm.mulvey ,

I just shared it with you. Please send us some feedback as soon as you test it on your device.


Thanks Seb, Are the assets from the enterprise edition mandatory?
I only have the trial Composer as yet…


You’re right, that’s a custom interface asset I made as any Enterprise edition customer could create. That doesn’t prevent you from testing it with the Free or Pro version, you just won’t be able to save your experience.


Hey, it works! For each object I send, I get a grey circle with an angle indicator. Moving the object on the sensor is reflected on the view, turning also indicated. I’ve placed 3 different objects on the sensor and they all render on the display. Great start!


Don’t hesitate to send us a short video of your hardware running IntuiFace when you have a moment :wink:


Hi again,

So I made a 135MB movie of the experiment. about a minute of video.
What I see is that although the TUIO objects are reported in the scene, the cursors are silently discarded. Can you confirm? The image that is movable with windows touch events is not responsive to TUIO cursor events.

[ http://fileshare.zytronic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/ninja-forms/16-2017-04-20-intuiface_and_zxy2tuio.zip ]


That’s “normal” @colm.mulvey. The Interface Asset in the sample project you tried is only made to handle objects, not touch inputs.

To let IntuiFace handle TUIO touch inputs, you have to follow the instructions of this article.


@colm.mulvey hey Colm, the video looks great, how did you get on with the TUIO XP? is this something you’d be able to share please?