Object recognition


Hi Avtar,

We have not pushed the code further than is visible in the video.
I was using the IntuiFace project as an advanced test-bed for our TUIO “contact” and “object” server.

The IntuiFace code I employed was unchanged from Seb’s, so we get the object location and orientation effects, but I didn’t add in the support for touches/contacts in parallel.

I can see from other applications how objects/shapes on the touchscreen can drive control/menu widgets. Location, rotation and finger interactions on these “physical widgets” permits very rapid, flexible and intuitive control of the program/presentation.


Thanks for the update Colm,

I’ve got our tags being sorted, going to have a play as soon as possible. Will let you know how it goes.


I’m looking to achieve the same thing and was wondering if someone could help. I have written a Java program to receive the touch inputs and recognise the tangible associated with the touch pattern.

The problem I now have is this needs to run as a full screen application. So the idea was to run it on a separate PC and transfer the object locations through the TUIO protocol to Intuiface. Can anyone steer me in the direction of a Java library or code example for generating the TUIO events and forwarding them over UDP to another PC running Intuiface.

Alternatively if I’m going about this backwards I would welcome any advice :slight_smile:



Hi @darren,

You’ll find on this website all resources associated to the TUIO protocol, including some Java libraries.

Regarding the connection to IntuiFace, you can either:

  • send the object info through the TUIO protocol and use it as described in this article
  • or directly send some messages to IntuiFace using the External triggering (REST calls)



Hi Seb,

we have have a project with Object Recognition.
Can you send me please your sample Project?

Thank you very much and best regards


Hi @Edward,

You’ll find it at the end of the Using tangible objects article.



Hi Seb,

thank you very much for your fast reply.
I have download the TUIO sample, but i dont understand how can i bind the objects.

I,m use this Object interaction opneFramwork TOOLhttp://www.instructables.com/id/Object-Interaction-With-Touchscreens/ for object tracking.

But i don´t know what i need or what i´m must do that i can bind the tracked objects in my Intuifaceproject.

I hope you can help me.

Best regards

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Thanks for this link, it’s pretty interesting to see that there is an open-source framework to handle these home-made object tags. I’ll forward this to our dev team here so they can have a look into it, but I don’t know yet when they’ll have some free time for that.

Regarding the software you can download there, I’m not sure it’s going to send all the object events through TUIO protocol. This is a requirement for the Interface Asset embedded in our sample to receive these object events.

Please let us know about your findings.


Tangible Object Tracking for TUIO Interface Asset

Hi Seb
We installed the open frameworks and the library we get the link
I,m use this Object interaction opneFramwork TOOL http://www.instructables.com/id/Object-Interaction-With-Touchscreens/ 10 for object tracking. but we getting an error " one more file is missing or not loaded "
can you help us



We never used this framework on our side so we can’t really help on this one. Do you get this error when running their software or when running IntuiFace?
You can maybe add a screenshot of the error to help us understand.



Hi Seb . Can you share sample project for me .
My email : tranhuytvc@gmail.com


Hi @tranhuytvc ,

You’ll find it at the end of the Using tangible objects article.



Just thought i would update everyone on this post we have Object Recognition working on both technologies IR and PCAP, If you would like the middleware or more information you can PM me.

We can also print 3D objects for PCAP and IR.



I’d be glad to know the middle ware Louie, can you please PM me… I tried it with TUIO and it worked pretty well.


I’ve just sent you a PM


Hi Louis, been looking for an interface for ages. Looks like you may have solved it for all of us. We use IR frames. We have written the IF. Solutions for placing different wine bottles with tokens stuck to the bottom of each button, but cannot get the TUIO api to work. Can you share your middleware software with us.? Or offer some advice
Thank you


Hi @yoram,

I’m sure @Louie_Smith will answer you shortly.
On the Intuiface side, please let us know how your experience creation goes. I’m sure you’ve seen the article already, but let me put it here again, just in case: https://support.intuiface.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007432151-Using-tangible-objects



Hi @Seb

Thank you for your response and reference to the article. It appears that Displax and Promultus only offer a capacitive screen solution for tangible object recognition. Eyefactive seems to have a solution fir IR framed touch screens. I am not sure if they can link to Intuiface.

Hoping that @Louie_Smith will offer a solution as well



Hi @yoram

We do offer a IR solution, What IR frame do you have?

Kind Regards



Hi @Louie_Smith

Thank you for coming back to me. For this specific project (wine information when placing bottle on screen surface - about 20 different wines) we are using the IRMT Infrared Multi-touch Frame. Our supplier is in Shanghai (http://www.irmtouch.com). If you want I can send you the specs. Also available on their website.

Kind Regards