Object recognition


Hi @yoram

Our Middleware works with PQLABS and PCAP, IRMT is yet still untested but i will test on an IRMT overlay and keep you posted, there is no reason why it would not work.

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Hi @Louie_Smith

Thank you so much.

What I didn’t mention was that it is fairly urgent. The promotion is for Valentines Day, so we’ve got to be in the stores by 9th. We also have a couple of PQLabs frames, if we get stuck.

In the meantime can you send me some info on your middleware, including pricing, api for Intuiface, and details on the tangible objects.

I realise there is a show next week, so if you can’t handle intime, we are also looking at writing the whole wine experience in unity.

If you want to mail me direct, you can do so at rocky@humanintech.co.za


Rocky Swartz



Right, So are you guys going to be creating the experience yourself?

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Hi @Louie_Smith

Yes we will be producing it ourselves. It is quite a simple journey

  1. Identify the bottle on the screen
  2. Popup menu (same for all the bottles)
    Wine estate tour, with apropriate sub menus, images, videos, etc
    Food pairing dishes
    Recipes - option to print or send via email
    Call to action to collect data
    Price list, order forms, etc

We will be using 55” dispays, so it will be one user at a time

We have a week left, shipping from your end will take a day or two,


Rocky Swartz



Hi Rocket,

Sorry for the delayed response, I have been away at ISE are we still in the timeframe?

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@Louie_Smith @yoram

Hey guys, when you do have this figured out and working, i would love to see a video of it in action. We have done object recognition in the past going the custom route, so having it within the Intuiface platform would be great to show potential clients. Specially ones that have a limited budget and timeline.

Good luck!


Hi Paul,

We already have a object recognition solution in place our solution works with both Pcap and IR. Search on the community “Object Recognition” and you will find my posts with case studies.

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Just saw it, i love the modern UI and design!

Great job!


Hi Louis
I thought you may have been at ISE. Unfortunately our event starts tomorrow. We found another tempory solution using Unity and reverse AR engineering. Unfortunately it didn’t include Intuiface. I got your personal e-mail and will use that for further comms.

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@Seb et al, I am evaluating Intuiface to replace our custome CMS and display system. We currently use object recognition with a Multitaction touch screen. I have downloaded the TUIO_Objects_Test but I cannot test it because publishing is not allowed with the free version of Composer. Any suggestions?_


As far as i am aware, you will need middleware to communicate between a Multitaction screen and the Interface IA

You might want to look at my request because a multitaction screen is quite pricey.


We already have the Multitaction screen installed and working with markers. It is a proprietary software front end that is running. So since I already have the hardware and the middleware built into the Multitaction, I am looking to interface it with Intuiface.


Does the middleware send TUIO events on port 3333?


Yes it does.


I don’t understand your issue that you are having?


From my first post.


I think you can edit and play in the free version i dont think you can save in the free version, Unless @Seb or @Alex has a solution you may need to purchase a license. I am sure one of the guys would reply soon.

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Hi @EAR,

Purchasing a license would be a good solution indeed :wink:
I checked with @tj.karns from our Sales Team and he will contact you soon to sort this out.