I´m very interested of buying Intuiface but

… I tried the free version and there are some very important questions / problems.

It seems like there is no simple way to touch-control a video file frame by frame or another ways to create a 360-image rotation.

But there are threads with people suggestion this function. Was it added?

If not, why not? This thread is over one year old.

Is the developer even still active or is IntuiFace just another “dead company”?

Same for this suggestion:

One year old.

Hi Olaf,

I can tell you we are not dead :slight_smile:
We have to take decisions and put priorities in our roadmap and can’t fulfill all users’ requests.
The version 6.0 we are currently finalizing will bring huge features as you can see in the announcements threads.

Okay, great to hear! …but there is still the question, how could we solve the 360-horizontal-picture-spin ?