360 Spin Images / An easy solution?


I see alot of users wanting to create 360 spinning images with varying degrees of control in Intuiface. I’m proposing one solution, with some constrictions, that I think would be an easy add for the development team.

I’ve created a fly-around animation of a car, with 4 distinct stops in the motion, and a nice ease in and out of each stop, with the end frame flying back to the first position, completing a perfect spin. My thought was to have 4 buttons in Intuiface that would represent each of the 4 stops. In order to play smoothly, I’d have to only offer 2 buttons at a time…for instance if the car was rotated to position “2”, then the user could only select “3” or “1”, and the video would either play forwards or backwards. But the motion would be seamless and smooth since the ease is already baked into the animation and there is only ever 1 video file being played and paused which Intuiface does quite well.

In order to create this we would need the ability to play a video asset from one defined frame to another, both forward and reverse. Since some of this functionality exists already, my hope is that it would be an easy add. I know this won’t solve the many different requests coming in for 360 interactive, but its one more bit of capability that would provide some options.


I´m very interested of buying Intuiface but

Thank you for the suggestion @adevarona

Putting this up for a vote:

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This post ist more than one year old. Are there any news regarding this function?


Hi Olaf,

Since this suggestion got only 7 votes out of the thousands of IntuiFace users , this hasn’t been scheduled in the roadmap yet.
Most users are currently using a web based solution integrated through the WebBrowser asset


7 votes of thoouuuuusands sounds little.

In fact it´s very much if you look up how many votes there are in other suggestion-postings. Also, visit CES, HMI etc. to see what is really needed. Or just talk with people at such events.