Limit 3D model rotation

My wish is limit 3D model rotation. For example enable rotation only with one axis (enable axis X, disable Y and Z). Ideally limit rotation partly - for example only from 10 degrees to 170 degrees in axis Y (and enable axis X from 0 to 360).

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Yes this would be a great addition, I just had a client request this… INTUILAB please add this soon…

Was this function add???

Hi Olaf,

This feature hasn’t been added yet. There are some workarounds using a transparent object on top of the 3d model + bindings and converters.

It´s unfortunaly a cheap workaround if you need to show a high poly 3D model.

It´s so sad that there is no way to deactivate the “flip” animation in the flip-chart. I have around 20 pictures based on a rendered rotation animation, so with deactivating that animation you could turn a high poly 3d model with your finger. Just because of the “flip” I don´t see a way to realize this :frowning: Do you know another possible solution?

A flipchart is designed to do its “flip”, and you can use a flipchart to browse 360 view pictures the way you want it. Please have a read of the forums, there’s a post from Seb in which he’s designed a 360 view using 36 images, and it does involve the flipchart. I’m guessing this is what you’re trying to achieve.

its mentioned in this post 360 Spin Images - #7 by Seb - Wishlist - Intuiface Community

It´s an aweful example which shows what the problem with IntuiFace is :frowning: Unfortunaly. It´s not possible to move the rotation via touch, only without buttons and with the newest version it´s broken anyway and “flips”. And melvyn_br, you are wrong. This IS actually a flipcharts. It would work great though, if you could have the freedom to remove the flip-animation manually.

olaf, not sure what you downloaded, but the version works perfectly fine and it does not flip. Attached is a video of the version I just downloaded and tested. I dont see the “flips”. (2.5 MB)

I see. If you click on the graphic directly and not on the grey dot, it flips. The problem is also, if you use the rotation, the whole rotation blinks white from time to time. It´s a cool workaround, but a very dirty one and there is no way any customer should see such a thing in a project :frowning:

Actually it depends alot on what images you are using, transparent background images work very well. It almost replicates the javascript versions that you find on car sites.

Yeah, but with buttons or a slider, which is really awful if you think about the possibilities of touch control.

Intuiface has not got there yet with 360, as its a different game altogether, another alternative I used was create a virtual 360 tour and exported to flash and then used it. Works fantastic !!

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“I used was create a virtual 360 tour and exported to flash and then used it. Works fantastic !!”

What did you use to create the 360 tour?


Hi Brittany, I used it for a real estate virtual tour. Created the virtual tour using a 360 panaromic image in another software and exported to flash. Then into the experience.