Best monitor/screen/laptop to work in Composer?

Hi Intuiface users!

I just jumped out of a call where we discussed the “best conditions to work with Composer” and wanted to share my personal experience & opinion on this.

Disclaimer: I do not have any personal interest in recommending a brand or another :slight_smile:

I work in Composer in 3 different situations: at the office (90%), at home and while travelling.

  • Home/travelling: mainly using my laptop with touchscreen, a Dell XPS 15 9560 (i7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1050). If I need to work in 2 experiences, or compare 2 versions, I also still have my “old” Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (i5-4300U, 8GB Ram)
  • Office: My laptop rests on a stand on the side and I use a Dell P2418HT 24’’ Touch monitor as my main screen. Raised at the height of my eyes for an ergonomic all-day position. I add an external keyboard with numpad (that I use a lot for X/Y/W/H coordinates) and a mouse. When I do some intense touch-related tests, I can incline this monitor and use it as a big tablet.

PS: Beer is only (mainly…) on Friday afternoons, to help with creativity :smiley:

And you, what’s your gear? Any tips & tricks to give to the community?



There was an old thread titled How is your desk now with cool photos.

In my case, I dock a MacBook Pro 2018 (i9, 16GB RAM, 2TB, Vega 20) running Win10 in Bootcamp to an LG 38UC99-W 38-Inch Curved UltraWide display. No touch screens (!) but I enjoy the large canvas.



At work, pretty much the same as you, DELL + 2x HD Screen.

When working remotely from home, I use DELL as side screen, and I mainly work on a Corsair One Pro + 2x 4K screens. The rig is powerful enough to have Photoshop and/or Illustrator running at same time when creating an XP.

When in need of opening 2 Experiences (most of the time for copy/pasting some parts), I just start 2 Composers and copy/paste between both, very handy :wink:


Good stuff fellas!

At work I use a Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop i7-720HQ 16GB with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 running on two external displays which consist of an Acer HD non-touch and ELO HD Touch screen. We also have our handy configurable velcro video wall which is great for building wall scenarios quickly.

Oh yeah, coffee.