How's your desk right now?


Hi, Community.

Busy people and smart people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Stevejobs (People who had famously messy desk) just didn’t have time to clean up.
Here In our office, we have quite a few cluttered desks :rofl:. According to many scientists who claim that a messy desk is a sign of genius, we are definitely a circle of geniuses. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, It’s Friday and at the end of another hardworking week, the only thing we need is some good humors.
Show us how genius you are!


Come on guys, don’t be shy :wink:

© “Show me yours, I’ll show you mine!” ™


Ok I’ll go first.
I’m have a long way to go.


@doriane Designers’ desks always look too small


I always have my beanie babies look after me.
Can you tell we’re all over analytics here?? Working hard!


a snapshot of my desk, as well as the back of several screens on Mihai desk!


The other side :slight_smile:


Checking in from Chicago! I like to keep things colorful over here :wink:


Messy desk = sign of genius … really? :confused:

I guess I’m dumb as a bag of hammers :grin:


Not as colorful as Helen’s


I’m sorry Alex, your desk shows no sign.


@bomee.lafitte @Alex


@Mihai wins by pure count of keyboards and displays…


Come on @mike_backhouse and @tosolini, share your geniuses’ desks :wink:



Here is mine!