3D Model With 2 way Intuiface Communication

Hi Guys,

Further to this post we are now scoping another requirement for this project.

We need to add a 3D apartment building model into an IF experience. The model needs to be interactive in that

1 - If a user clicks on an individual apartment it highlights the apartment on the model and sends a trigger to intuiface

2 - We can send a trigger back to the model from intuiface that would activate apartments or floors within the building to be highlighted

3 - As per the post above be able to mirror the model manipulations across multiple screens

I think a custom IF asset may be the answer as per suggestion from seb. Does anyone have recommendations on the implementation of the 3D model to give us this kind of functionality?

Is there anything native 3d that does it or would it be an embedded 3d model in a web page?

Unity / Unreal or some other implementation? We are looking for resource to assist us with this project so if you think its your thing then feel free to reach out.

Thanks again.

Paolo @tosolini, this project looks a lot like what you did here Tosoville: Intuiface meets Unity 3D or here The Virtual Staging Configurator: a Unity3D and Intuiface mash-up :wink:

@ben1 I’ll let you and Paolo connect in pm but he’s the best resource I can think of for such a project!


Thanks @seb and nice to meet you @ben1. Feel free to reach out directly at paolo@tosolini.com if you think we can be of further assistance