The Virtual Staging Configurator: a Unity3D and Intuiface mash-up

The ‘Virtual Staging Configurator’ is a demonstration of Intuiface, Unity3d, and Matterport leveraged to create a dynamic real-time experience.

The experience is centered around a real-world scan of an empty property. It is filled and rendered with virtual furniture using Unity3d and controlled via an Intuiface frame.

Unity runs in the back, and Intuiface runs on top with a transparent background. Unity interactions work normally under Intuiface’s pass through background, with other Intuiface elements taking precedence over Unity screen interactions.

The experience starts with a brief intro to provide context, and lands on a 3d view of the empty house. Here, layouts and graphic settings like time of day can be adjusted. There is also a catalog mode that mocks-up a way to display individual 3d content.

The challenge

A core goal for this project was to send messages between Intuiface and Unity3d over a computer’s local network- to have buttons in Intuiface influence Unity, and vice versa. Intuiface has built in methods to call and listen for triggers over a local network:

Unity does not have a built-in method. This forum post outlines the basis of how to accomplish local network communication:

For cross communication, Unity is listening for various URL terms linked to actions and has the ability to call URLs that Intuiface listens for. The result is a nearly instant triggering of actions between the programs, opening Intuiface to Unity’s world of real-time 3d rendering.



During development, these resources were helpful:

We hope this project adds inspiration for future technological mashups!
Full credits to our XR designer Michael Gelon. Special thanks to @Seb for assisting us in this Unity + Intuiface R&D journey.

Check out also Tosoville: Intuiface meets Unity3D.


Simply WOW… Stunning work as always, well done to all involved. Three of my favourite things combined. Wat camera did you use to Import into Matterport? Its awesome they allow full usage not just with their cameras.

@ryan thanks! Matterport was just used to 3D scan the space and we exported the model into an OBJ file. After that, Matterport role ended and it was all about Unity and Intuiface. I used the Matterport Pro2 camera.

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