360 Spin Sets Offline

Any way to create 360 spins in this software? I have 36 images for rotation. I can do this in HTML using a tool to build it, but these kiosks have to be offline.

Can Intuiface read local HTML files with relative paths?

I can’t claim to know much about 360 software, but if the “tool” you’re using is Matterport, you may want to check out this article:

Another resource to check out is @tosolini 's Tosoville:

Generally, @tosolini knows just about EVERYTHING about 360 environments. So check out some of his other articles! :slight_smile:

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Hi @tedc,

To complete Megan’s answer, check these articles in our help center:

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To further complement what @Seb said, I just created a new post and a downloadable example:


^ See!! He DOES know everything about 360! :wink:


Thanks for all the replies! To be more specific, here is an example of the spin I have made in HTML and Javascript:


I need to run this locally, but I am not sure I can reference local URLs with relative links in the Web Browser Asset. Is it possible?

Hi Ted,

If you look at my previous answer, you should see the answer :wink:
but I’ll put it back here again: Play local HTML files on Windows PCs

Thanks Seb! I have am currently working another project to complete by September. However, I will dive back into this soon. I will let you know how it goes!

I’m wondering if your current ‘Spin Player’ might also need a web server to run locally. Something for you to test.
Another technology that should be able to create spins offline is Object2VR.