How to use 360 degree panoramic photos in Intuiface - Offline

There are many useful scenarios that can benefit from the combination of Intuiface with 360 degree panoramic photos (also known as photospheres or panos). Intuiface makes it easy to embed them via the HTML browser, and there are several online services that can host immersive media (e.g. SeekBeak, RoundMe, Kuula to name a few).

However, these services will not help if you need to play the media offline. Here is how you can package your 360 panos for offline viewing inside an Intuiface XP.

Download a working example here.

  • Use the Marzipano Tool to load your 360 degree equirectangular photos. The Tool allows you to create links among photos, too
  • Export the panos as Marzipano Web apps. Each pano (or combination of linked panos) will be a separate Web app
  • Create an XLS database of local URLs (analyze the above example for guidance) and import it into Intuiface
  • Unzip the Web apps into individual folders under the XLS database folder structure. This will allow you to leverage the combination of Intuiface + XLS to point to local URLs



Thanks for the posting! I am currently working on another project, but I will look into this in more detail in the next few months for a HUGE tradeshow next year.

I am really interested in something like this (i have 36 images):

Awesome Tosolini, just tested Mazipano, it’s so simple to create with, thanks for the link and example.
I am keen to try out the various methods, especially Anaglyph (so i just bought some glasses to test

… Just tested this but adding my own scene, works spot on… Wondering, I was concerned the recent update to Intuiface would be a problem with loading local data

Web Browser no longer has access to local content - such as by entering a URI like file:///C:/Users/… We’re becoming more sensitive to issues of security - in line with our ongoing effort to become ISO 27001 compliant

But it all works fine… is this reference in relation to manually entering URL’s?

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Hi Ryan,

Did you see the chech box which allows local paths under the Web browser properties?

This should resolve the issue you are having.

Kind Regards


hey Louie, cheers for the heads-up. i didn’t as I used tosolini’s example, so he must have set that…
but cheers, I know for my next project I’m working on!

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