Working with large excel file

Hello everyone.

My first question for the community…

I’m trying to develop an experience for a client that handles an excel file containing about 50,000 rows of data, and I’m having some difficulty.

The request is to have names constantly scrolling on the screen in a configuration similar to the uploaded screen capture. and (in theory) if the experience was left running long enough, all of names from the sheet would eventually display.

I’ve had several thoughts, such as trying to assign values for the names from the data set to simple text assets and scrolling those simple text assets across the screen, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

I’ve also tried using ten rows of Asset Grids, and moving those across the screen, but to get some of them to display items later in the data field (staring around number 30,000 or so) make the player crash.

My next thought is to make intuiface carve up the larger Excel file into smaller ones and working from those smaller files…

But I wanted to check in here and see if there was any advice about handling such a large data set to be had.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give, and even for just taking the time to read this question!

  • Corey

Hi @coreyherman and welcome to the Intuiface community!

Handling such large amount of data with a simple Excel spreadsheet is likely to reach the performance limits of Excel here.
The real question is how many names needs to be display on the screen at the same time?
Based on that and on the animation you are trying to create, you could either

  • Work with some filters on your Excel file. This might not suit your screen layout and animation (not sure I got his one correclty)
  • create a Custom Interface Asset that handles your names from a database (a real one, not an Excel file) and delivers to Intuiface the exact information that needs to be displayed.



Thanks for the input Seb. I have taken that approach and have made some progress.

I’ll keep you posted. :grinning:

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