Trigger events based on x,y of an asset collection

Hi again,

I’m working on a project I already posted which contains a large data file (Working with large excel file)

One solution I’m exploring is creating small chunk asset collections of about 10 names, and then scrolling them across the screen. Then, once one of them is offscreen it will jump back to the other side, change its index to some new names from the excel and begin its journey across screen again.

I would like to make some of those events trigger based on the X coordinate of the collection.

I have an Action that moves the collection across the screen over the span of roughly 100 seconds.

While I’ve found that I can make Text monitor and display the X coordinate of the collection as it moves across the screen… I can’t make anything happen once the collection has finished its journey and reached a specific X coordinate.

I have tried triggering based on the value of the X coordinate directly.
I have tried making a Text equal the X coordinate, and then triggering off of the text’s value
I have tried making a Global Variable equal the X coordinate and then triggering off the variable’s value

None of those options work.

I’m hoping that I’m missing a very simple solution :slight_smile:

Thanks again in advance for any help, and just for reading this in the first place.

  • Corey

Hi @coreyherman,

I think it would better if you can contact our support team, they’ll ask you to share your experience with them to h ave a better understanding at your scenario.



Thank you Seb. I will do that