[Updates] Properties, Triggers and Actions!

If you are a power Intuiface user, you know the magic is in the details. We also understand that knowing the details will help even beginners make a little magic. That is why we are excited to pack Intuiface Version 6.3.13 with small but major additions to the list of available properties, triggers, and actions. Not yet a power user? We promise these new tweaks will inspire you.

Here’s the list:

Asset Grid and Circular Panel collections:

[new trigger] First item reached

Toggle button:

  • [new trigger] Is pressed
    Raised when the toggle button, regardless of checked state, is pressed.
  • [new trigger] Is released
    Raised when the toggle button, regardless of checked state, is released.
  • [new action] Toggle check state
    Check this toggle button if unchecked, uncheck if checked.

Video and YouTube assets:

  • [new action] Toggle play / pause

Document asset:

  • [property binding] Current page (read-only, available through binding)
  • [property binding] Total number of pages (read-only, available for binding)

Web Browser asset

  • [new trigger] Webpage is loaded
    Raised when the webpage has been loaded.

You can access all the latest & previous release notes here.


So excited for these new features! :slight_smile: Especially the YouTube feature, I can’t wait to use it.

It may have been in an earlier release and I just didn’t see it until this morning, but whenever I’ve had a block of text that I’ve had to put into a scroll collection, I’ve always made my own scroll indicator bar… I just noticed that you have the option to have a built-in indicator bar in the collection, which will certainly make things faster (although with certain designs, I still need to make an indicator bar the old-fashioned way)