[Shipped] Toggle Button - Add Toggle Action

:muscle: Following feature has been shipped and has been improved with the release of Intuiface Version 6.3.13.
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The toggle button is a powerful tool, but I think it could be more powerful with another action:

Action: “Toggle”, which simply means to change the checked/unchecked state of a the toggle button.

To Clarify:

You could have multiple regular buttons that change the state of a toggle button. For example “When Button A is released, “Toggle” Toggle button 1”. When Button B is released, Toggle Button 1.

So if A is pressed, it will Check Toggle button 1. When B is pressed, it will Uncheck Toggle button 1. But when Button B is pressed again, it will “Check” Toggle button 1 again. All they do is change the state of the toggle button to the opposite, because the current state may not be known.

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This can already be achieved.

I think the core of the idea is adding the “toggle” option, since currently you can either ‘check’ or ‘uncheck’ it but you need to know the initial state of the toggle button.

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Yup, thanks @anastasia

Hi guys,

This is now possible in IntuiFace version 5.7 with the new toggle button sets.

Toggle Buttons can be placed in a “set”, enabling the creation of radio buttons, multi-tabbed views, etc… When in a set, one and only one Toggle Button can be checked at a time. Whenever one Toggle Button is checked, all other buttons in the set are unchecked automatically. The following image shows two Toggle Buttons in a set.

This is GREAT!!! I simply can’t wait to try this out. What a time saver.

One small thing though - this post was referring to adding a “Toggle” action to the toggle button. Instead of checking and unchecking, the button could be triggered to toggle to whatever the opposite state is.

The other post about the ‘sets’ is here, just for reference: Create Toggle Group Interface Asset - Wishlist - Intuiface Community

Either way, I’m lovin’ it.

Hi @AlexB,

On top of the Toggle Member Set we released 2+ years ago, we now have added a “Toggle” action for even simpler usages :slight_smile:

Check this announcement of today’s 6.3.13 release.

I saw that! Very cool, this is a welcome feature :slight_smile: