Tablet Hardware Recs

Hi there, I know there is a spec page and recs on the Intuiface website but I would like to hear suggestions from the community for all-in-one 10-12inch kiosk tablets that can run a video gallery in a classroom. Looking for affordable and reliable options preferably under $1000. This is for a prototype interactive that might get duplicated in other classrooms across the city, so ease of use, reliability and affordability are top priorities. We are leaning towards windows or android based solutions. Thanks in advance!!

Hi @alisa.katz and welcome to the Intuiface community!

Are you looking for a “tablet”, meaning a portable device with an embedded battery, or for a “small all-in-one kiosk”, more fixed and plugged to a power outlet?

Hi, I’m looking for something that can be mounted in a kisok frame on the wall, and can be plugged into power, so does not need to rely on battery, but doesn’t require a separate CPU.
There wont be wifi in the classroom, so I planned to download the kiosk program on the player at home and then install it back in the kiosk holder during the day. So will need to have all content cached on the tablet itself.

Among our validated hardware, you can have a look at the Elo I-series all-in-one devices.

Another partner we are working with is MimoMonitors, with devices such as this 10’’ all-in-one tablet.

Both are mid-range Android devices, way below 1000$.
Depending on your experience content & architecture, they could be sufficient.

Tests should be done though with your content, to validate this hypothesis.

Thank you Seb. Much appreciated. I spoke with both companies and waiting for emails back with potential solutions and pricing. The one question I have is about storage. Since I’m running a video gallery interactive and need to store all content locally as well as add more content over time, I am trying to determine how much space I need on the decide. Mimo told me they only have a max of 8gb of space with an SD card slot. Still waiting to hear back about Elo.

As of today, Intuiface Player only uses internal memory on Android devices and is not able to save the experience on an external SD card.
These ELO devices seem to have 16 or 32GB of storage.

Speaking of videos, this optimize performance article could also give you some insights about reducing the size of your videos, especially for such devices.

Thank you Seb. Can you clarify as I thought the player requires an SSD of 120GB which is more than what either Mimo or Elo seem to offer.
Are there any advantages to going the commercial kiosk hardware route v getting a samsung or microsoft surface tablet? Or even one of the cheaper ones like RCA?
I really appreciate all of your help.

The SSD recommendation is for Players running on Windows: Windows is a heavy OS, users tend to create larger XPs on Windows devices than on Android devices

Pros of the commercial hardware: reliability, durability. Usually comes with a VESA mount to be fixed on a wall or support.

Consumer tablets aren’t ment to stay powered on all day long nor to be “locked” in a fixed position.

Not sure what you mean by “cheaper ones like RCA”.

Hi Seb, sorry for the delay. We ended up getting a Samsung galaxy tab s5e as we were concerned about storage. The RCA I mentioned was a cheaper 12 in tablet I found, the Galileo, but wasn’t sure it would work.
My question now is how to set the kiosk mode so people can’t exit out of the experience. Also I tried running it on the tablet last nite and kept getting this pop up.

would like to better understand what it is and how to keep it from coming up all the time even when I click don’t show again. Thanks!

It looks like you got your answer in this other thread: Kiosk mode for Samsung galaxy tab s5e?