Kiosk mode for Samsung galaxy tab s5e?

Hi, I’m running a video based interactive from a Samsung galaxy tab s5e and am trying to figure out how to set it so users can’t get out of the experience. I tried app pinning but that can still allow people to accidentally exit out. Is there an intuiface solution or a 3rd party app that is recommended?

We use Sitekiosk for this. (

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Hi @alisa.katz,

You may also want to read that dedicated article from our Help Center: Use screen pinning to create kiosk mode on Android which provides several links based on your Android version.



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@Alex Thank you but I already tried this and it does not serve my needs as users can still get out of it by pressing two of the on screen buttons.

@KegaDigital I will check this out but it seems like a hefty price and more than I need. Do you know of any simpler or less expensive solutions? Thank you!

I haven’t found any other easy to use solution that work properly I’m afraid.