Stop and go / Smart entrance - Possible with Intuiface?

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I recently bumped into a project in a supermarket. Outside, there was a screen. The screen showed if it was ok for the customer to go inside or not, because there were allowed only 15 people inside. The project had some kind of counter and detected if a client went inside or outside. If there were for example 15 people inside already, the next person had to wait until one of the 15 people went outside.

Would it be possible to build a project like this in Intuiface? Anyone who has any experience with this kind of projects?


We have seen such examples too, and have been brain storming on how something like that could work. Below are some ideas :

  1. a digital signage provider has a demo where a screen was placed outside the shop and someone could manually press a button to either show “stop” content or “go” content.

There really isn’t any magic here. A web interface is provided with two buttons of stop and go. These buttons would then trigger the associated content.

It is an ok solution if the objective is to have such a solution for the heck of it. Meaning that there would still be someone to manually trigger, and someone to count the number of people within the store. I personally am not too excited about this option.

  1. another way to make this work is via a camera solution that already has entry exit count trained into it. Via apis we can display current count of people within the store (entry minus exit) a max occupancy can be fixed, for eg 50 people. So when the number is less than 50 show content go. When the count is greater than 50, show content stop.

Not too sure, however maybe open vino could be trained to implement such a solution ? Would be great if the community could add more on how this can be achieved.

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OpenVino’s standard model states:
Identify faces for a variety of uses, such as observing if passengers are in a vehicle or counting indoor pedestrian traffic. Combine it with a person detector to identify who is coming and going.

Or the High level, if you’ve got a room, and just use a wide angle (120°) webcam mounted high, or can take in the complete view

This would be fun to test.

Would need to be added to the Intuiface Github repo… by someone who knows what theyre doing! ahahah =)

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That’s right. One upside of our use of OpenVINO is Intuiface users can choose to incorporate additional pre-trained models. However, you’d need development skills to 1) incorporate these additional models in the detection server, 2) understand what information these models output, and 3) build interface assets that can work with this information. All 100% doable without our help but unavoidably dependent on coding experience.

Oh, and keep in mind that what we’re doing with OpenVINO is a two-step process. The first step is object detection, the second step is object recognition. For example, today we use a face detection model for the first step and various recognition models (age range, gender, emotion, head pose) for the second step. If you change the model used in the first step - e.g. from face detection to person detection - then you constrain your recognition options - e.g. you’d lose the ability to recognize age/gender.

It is possible to combine multiple detection models in the same server instance (like both face and person), you’re just going to greatly increase the CPU/GPU load. In this case, you’re gonna need one heck of a device to run everything.

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Hi @Thomas, @chetan, @Ryan,

We are looking at these scenarios too, including manual, semi-automated & automated solutions.

Just a reminder: if you already know of a “camera solution that already has entry exit count trained into it”, it could be easy to integrate it with Intuiface using something as simple as a Local Network Trigger.

  • In this camera software, when the count changes -> send a message to the Player with the new count
  • In the Intuiface experience, when a message is received, update the count and use conditional trigger to display the right content.

Hi Seb Chetan, Ryan , Thomas
I have the experience ready to count people in and out of a store. And with a second option, when people approach the screen, the information turns into hygiene tips to use such as social distance, mask and others, including a hand disinfection station without touching.

Works with Intel Nuk and Brightsign

@p.felten Hi Patrick, This is amazing. Would be great if you could share more information on how you managed to achieve this.


Congratulations! :tada:
Don’t hesitate to use our dedicated Show and Tell forum to share about this, would be very nice.

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Hi Patrick,

Nice that you already have a system like this. Would it be possible to share some more information about this? What kind of people counter do you use?


Hi all some pictures from the experience .
This now the prototype have to make special pieces now for a better installation

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I am waiting now from differnts place some information for the second solution , i have already the idear , now i need this information , and some Hardware is already in the basket of the supplier , when i get the information the hardware will be orderd and then tested if this work also .

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I put some more information on the Show an Tell forum

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