Explanation of the operation of the entry control system with Intuiface

The management of the inputs is managed with sensors, as infrared sensor and doppler radar sensors, the sensors come from Nexmosphere.

With the infrared sensor the information to be displayed changes according to the distance of the person to the screen.

With the radar sensors you can count the number of people entering and exiting.
And this is coupled with a counter that can be set to the number of people that are allowed, depending on the number the screen will display whether you can enter or not.
I tested the system with two hardware configurations once with Intel NUK and once with the Brightsign XT1144 Player and both systems work very well.

There is also a hand disinfectant station on the foot of the screen and this also without contact.

This is the first version, there is a second version in preparation with a camera. At already find the camera that will work, and I’m now waiting for some information about the implementation in Intuiface.


Very nice work, any chance you can share the Hardware list and how you set it up? I am looking for similar. For my experience,I also added a top screen which reacted to touch, and if user touches, starts a timer, shows the warning “Do not touch” interface, and uses text-speech to tell them to no touch, and please disinfect.

Mixing this with Ultraleap in the future would be perfect, just need pricing of their hardware to come down so it can be affordable en-mass.

I’m even thinking of whether there’s an inexpensive way to dispense pen/tablet styluses (branded) that the user can use on the device, then put into a bin for cleaning after use.

Anyhow, keep pushing the limits, looks great what you’ve done.