Splitting screen using Computer and Ipad

We have this presentation, and we would like to use the Ipad with a computer running Windows.

The purpose is to use the Ipad to control what the computer screen would show. Basically, just videos.

Thing is, it can’t just be a mirrored version. We only want to play the videos on the PC Screen, and the tablet would have just buttons to control which video to show.

Is there any way to do that?

If it was me, I would create an experience for the Windows device and then a serprate experience for the iPAD that only controls the windows XP by changing the video displaying on the device. This can be done with the HCMS or Airtable. I have just done a project with this exact scenario and it works perfectly.

But in my case, I had a list of buttons from a dataset and when a button is pressed it would change the video on the “Display” device.

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Hi @gabriel,

Check this thread: Creating a Cross Fade Video Transition + Bonus (Remote Control Experience)
This should give you a good place to start :wink:

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iPad running a website which triggers remote actions to your windows player