Snapshot image does not appear

The ready image does not appear when taking a snapshot of the entire scene.
But when I enable one of the layers I have to email it, this snapshot image appears.

Could you be more specific with your question? Maybe share a screenshot or a shot video.

Yes, the video is below: See that screenshots do not appear on the main screen, as has been happening. They only appear after I have shown a screen layer for sharing data via email.

Hi @schumannlabs,

I recommend you to contact our support team about this issue and share your experience with them. They’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong in your trigger / actions there.

I ended up doing this.

I’ll post the answer here so it can benefits for other users who looked at your video.

When you take a snapshot of a scene, the snapshot image is created in the top-most layer of your scene.
In your experience, this layer “layer_email_send” is hidden by default.
To fix this, add a visible layer on top of this hidden layer.

For further questions related to your experience that requires the support team to dig into it, please keep contacting our support team here rather than posting on community.



Thank you @Seb.
This solved my problem.

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