Snapchat Snap Camera as a webcam


Hi All,

I have been really keen to use Augmented Reality with Intuiface, and the best way would be to utilize the webcam option.

I have installed the Snapchat Camera app on Windows and it is recognized as an option when i select the webcam, however, the camera won’t show as a feed… it’s blank.

Is there a way that I can debug this?

If I can get this working the possibilities will be incredible!


Hi Ryan,

I tried the snapchat app you mentioned, and it appears that VLC isn’t able to open its camera as a Direct Show feed. See error logs below

30/04/2019 11:24:25 : 40376 : Error : [VLC]open of `dshow://' failed
30/04/2019 11:24:25 : 40376 : Error : [VLC]Your input can't be opened
30/04/2019 11:24:25 : 40376 : Error : [VLC]VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dshow://'. Check the log for details.

We are using VLC engine to display such feeds, so I’m not sure the Intuiface team will be able to help on this topic. You might still want to contact our support team to see if they can investigate a bit more on this topic.

Best regards,



Hi Seb,

Thanks for the heads-up, that’s great info.

I just downloaded a new version of VLC, and was able to get the Snap Camera to play through that. I’ll do some research, it may just be that the engine doesn’t have certain required libraries that the full VLC player has.

I don’t want to waste the time of the developers as I may be the only one wanting this feature to work, so maybe i’ll ask that it could at least be added to the “possibilities”… I just see opportunities for this, at the Zoo, theme parks, halloween christmas promotions etc…

Thanks again Seb!


We would be very interested in getting this to work!