SimplyNUC hardware options now available for the Audience Analytics Bundle

When we first announced the Audience Analytics Bundle back in November, customers were asked to supply their own hardware to run Intuiface Player and Sightcorp DeepSight. For most companies who wanted their out-of-home (OOH) experiences to measure and react to a target audience, hardware acquisition was an additional, complicating step.

SimplyNUC, an Intuiface and Sightcorp partner, has configured two of their branded Intel NUCs to deliver the necessary processing power required by Player and DeepSight. These two PC options can not only be ordered through a dedicated Audience Analytics webpage, but both the Intuiface/Sightcorp software and associated hardware like a camera and PC mount can be purchased there as well.

Thanks to the addition of SimplyNUC hardware, customers can confidently purchase everything they need for a scalable and reliable approach to audience measurement.

For a look at the SimplyNUC options for PC, see