[Shipped] Adding the "First Item is Reached" Command in "Trigger and Actions" for Asset Grid

There is currently a trigger for “Last Item is reached” in the asset grid module but not for the “First Item is reached”.

This would be very helpful to trigger actions fort hat module.

Asset Flow / Reaches index / 1
Does the same, isn’t it ?

"Last item is reached " is needed because you can’t be sure of the total number of items (and hence, index value of last item), but the first one is always 1.

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@raythorsky Did you see Alex’s comment? Would that answer your need?


I’m not @raythorsky, but I’ve encountered a similar problem. Putting items in a flow vs. a grid does not yield the same visual results and capabilities. Yes, @Alex your idea would work…but for a flow and not a grid. If a similar index feature was even available for a grid (if it is, I apologize but i cannot find it), even that would be helpful.

@andrew.gentry I’m trying to understand what “reached” means for an Asset Grid. If I have a 5x5 Asset Grid, with three rows visible, when is Item 18 - the middle of row four - “reached”? Do you just mean whenever 1) the row containing the specified item is scrolled into view, or 2) the item is scrolled into view on its row?
Or are you only concerned with the very first item being “reached”? In that case, do you mean triggering when 1) Row 1 is off screen and then scrolled into view, or 2) the item is scrolled into view within Row 1? And if the entire Asset Grid is visible at all times, the “First item reached” trigger will never occur?

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Hi @geoff

When I encountered a similar problem, I spoke with Seb in a support string here

(it’s just easier than trying to explain the situation in detail)

Seb offered a work-around, but I was not able to get the work-around to work properly. It wasn’t a huge issue for my experience, just a “nice to have” feature if I could get it to work…so I didn’t pursue it any further.

I use an asset grid in 99% of my experiences that are 2 columns visible, 2 rows visible, variable amounts…with custom image buttons to control the movement of the grid. I wanted the “forward” button to be visible when the grid could be moved forward (and likewise invisible when it could not be moved forward). Same for the backward button (again, custom image buttons). This visibility feature is innate in the stock controls with the asset grid, but difficult to create on your own with customization.

Ok, If I understand correctly, what really matters is not reaching the first item, it’s the location of the first column and first row. For example, if I have an asset grid that is larger than my screen both horizontally and vertically, swiping the grid to the left could result in the display of an arrow pointing to the left. HOWEVER, even though Index #1 is off screen, the first row is still visible and thus the display of an up arrow should not be triggered. Bottom line: The trigger you’d need isn’t reaching Index #1, it’s reaching Row 1 and/or Column 1.
Would that solve the issue you’re talking about?

I just encountered an instance where the First Item is Reached trigger would have been useful. I’d have used the trigger Reaches Index 1 as an alternative, but I noticed that when you have an Asset Grid that is populated by an Excel data source, some triggers are missing. Is there a reason for not having trigger parity between Excel populated and normal collections?


You could just create an index in the excel database, for When Asset Grid > is scrolled > +add condition > If excel rows = index 1 > Then trigger whatever.

I can understand for having the trigger but that is the alternative for now

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Thanks Louie, interesting workaround!

Hi @raythorsky, @tosolini, @Louie_Smith, @andrew.gentry and all other Intuiface users :slight_smile:

Check this announcement of today’s 6.3.13 release.

Your wish has been granted :genie:


Nice work as usual Intuiface team! Thanks for listening to our needs


@Seb Feeling famous after being mentioned in the release notes #2 time! :dancer::partying_face: