Schedule push and/or Play an experience - New feature coming soon!

Hi Community,

We are almost there. Coming soon in October is the new feature that allows users to schedule push and/or Play an experience. :slight_smile:

Here’s a little teaser. Stay tuned!


Woohoo! Can’t wait! :smiley:

I can now relax,

I have waited so long for this feature!


@bomee.lafitte Whilst we are on the subject for example is there an option to share a locked experience such as a Ifxp? Or is the experiences shared unlocked?

Kind Regards

Hi @Louie_Smith,

The encryption of fix is also part of our short term roadmap, but let’s release the schedule feature first :wink:



Hi @alban,

Thanks for replying,

You know I’m going to ask the questions nobody else will any delivery date in the pipeline?

Kind Regards


That’s great, but do you need Composer Enterprise for this?
I’m struggling with workarounds because I’m on premier don’t have access to my Player… =(

Hi @Ryan: Deployment is part of Enterprise, so you’ll indeed need Enterprise for scheduling deployment.

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Thanks Vincent,
I’m looking to move to that tier as soon as we on-board more clients from our department.
The functionality looks well worth it.

Hahaha. The skeleton image.