[Coming Soon] Ability to set schedules for experiences to be pushed to devices

We currently have 13 TV’s at our facility that are running an experience displaying a slideshow, weather widget, and a clock. The slideshow often contains time sensitive images that need to be changed after the event mentioned in the slide has passed. We would like to have ability to schedule experiences with updated slides to automatically be pushed to the TV’s when they need updating.

Yes, please!


Perhaps the scheduler interface asset can be of use for your scenario.

The Scheduler Interface Asset enables you to schedule actions using dates and/or times specified via Cron expressions. Any IntuiFace action can be scheduled to run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals.

This feature is particularly useful for Digital Signage-like applications where content has to be changed depending on the time of the day. With the Scheduler you can specify times and intervals for navigating to a different space, hiding/showing content, changing on-screen text, etc.


Let me know.

We would be using this to get rid of slides completely not enabling or disabling them during certain times of the day. Say we had a yoga class that took place on November 10th and then on the 11th we would not like that slide to be part of the slideshow ever again.


we plan to update the “myexperiences” page from myintuiface to enhance its usability and add new functions in our next Major release (the 6.0!). There will be room for functions such as planning the deployement of an XP at a predefined date and time. Not guarantee this will be available in 6.0, but possibly in a later 6.n if enough customers are interested…

@ltech @emphelp Would this reply to your needs?



This would be great!

Yes, this would be very useful!

A more robust Scheduler is needed.

Has there been any more movement on this?

Hi @EAR Yes, absolutely. Please stay tuned for our October announcement. :grinning:
Here’s a little teaser for you.


Any update for us?

I’m curious to know who your sources are :thinking: :smile:



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