Running an offline experience with three.js

My employer wants me to put something together that lets users view models of various machines, complete with exploded views and animations of them in operation. I initially tried importing models, but it didn’t allow for animations, and things like cross-sectional or exploded views of the models required separate files.

I then saw a recommendation on here to use three.js to get around some of the 3d model limitations with Intuiface. I’m getting some great results, but now I have a new issue. The files (an html file, which references a css file and several js files) don’t seem to work when I load them locally. Examples of three.js projects found online work like a charm in Intuiface, but nothing I have saved on my PC. I’ve even tried copying my three.js projects into the Intuiface project folder to ensure the folder structure is intact and all the files are properly referenced, but I’m still left with a blank screen when I import into Intuiface. Opening the html file from the Intuiface project folder in my browser it runs fine, so I know I copied everything correctly. Is there something I’m missing?

My employer is very protective of our in-house created assets and it’s unlikely he would allow us to throw any of them on the internet (even if they’re more or less hidden from the public eye). If there’s a way to run it locally, I’d like to do that. If three.js isn’t something that will work with Intuiface in an offline setting, is there an alternative that will?

@RyanB Have you tried serving the files from a local web server rather than opening the html file directly?

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@RyanB you should copy and paste the link of your hard disk that brings to html directly in web asset tool. Be aware that if you copy the experience on another pc the link won’t work. To avoid this just use an excel.
About what software did you use to convert it? Would you mind sharing your workflow? We used a webgl converter to view smoother 3d files into IF.

Hi @RyanB,

As @tolu mentioned, I’d run your files through a local server on your PC, so that the URL in Intuiface web browser is always the same, based on your server configuration.
The use case is different, but the architecture is similar to what I presented in this thread: AR Photobooth with Intuiface - inspired by "Dallas Cowboys' Pose With The Pros"