Property: "Relative to item, Index"

I notice the lack of a property of type “Relative to item, Index”.
So that I can act on the specific index of the collection.
Sometimes we need to know which Item / Index the user interacted with.

Hi @schumannlabs Can you please elaborate on the idea?

Hi @schumannlabs, some time ago I suggested a feature, which I still think would be very helpful. If this is similar to what you’re describing, give it a thumbs up!

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I want, for example, to manually open the item I touched…but which index I touched??
I need a property called: “Relative to item. Index”

No is this. Thanks

Hmm, it’s a little difficult for me to follow what you’re looking to do. Can you describe a scenario for how this would work, and what the display should show?

Another stab in the dark here - are you referring to pulling information from the current item in focus? When I first started, this was a tough one to find.

Create a button within an an item of a dataset collection. When that butt is pressed, you can pull all of the data from that item the user has selected. This is one of the more powerful uses of a data template. For example, if you have a lot of fields in an excel template, you can pull all of the non-visible fields out of the item and set them into a details-pop up page.

Let’s say there’s a data set of staff bios. Your collection only shows the names of the staff members for the user to scroll through, so it’s easy to view. But the data set contains their first name, last name, bio, picture, category and year fields. If you add a button inside the collection, when the button is pressed, you can now access all of the information RELATIVE TO THAT INDEX.

There’s lots of information available on this, but I understand it can be a little weird to search for it contextually.

Is that what you’re referring to?

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This is an example of functionality that I needed a lot while developing as I came across this need in almost everything I was trying to do.
The problem is I stopped to detail my need. I just created a ticket here at Support to deal with later.
Time was scarce and if I had stopped to discuss everything I encountered as a problem or limitation, I certainly would not have been able to launch the project on the market.
I circumvented the limitation with what I had in order to make the project viable.
I remember I even had to duplicate Interface Assets from API connection.
Another reason I remember was the bug that overwrites the native “Tap to open item” event in the collection when manually adding an event when opening a collection item.
Now I can no longer recreate the path I made.
Let’s leave this subject for when I feel the pain again.