Scroll To An Item Like "Find Next"

I’m hoping I’m describing this in a simple way. But this would trigger a collection to work similar to a “Find Next” function, kinda like what happens when you press Ctrl+F and search up and down a page for something.

This would be to another powerful way to find a record(s) in a collection.
Instead of filtering which removes records, or scrolling to an index which doesn’t contain any context of the record info…

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could scroll to a record based on the property of one of the assets in your collection? Almost like how “Find Next” works in Microsoft word. Here’s some examples:

  • You have a list of names in an Asset Flow. In the Asset flow you have one Text item called “Full Name”.
    The name in that text field comes from either an excel doc, API, or even just a finite list of text assets. You could “Scroll To” the item where the “Full Name” text item (Is/Contains/Does Not Contain, etc) “Bob”. The collection would scroll to the first record where this is true. And if there’s multiple, you could call the action again to “Find Next”, and it would scroll to the next record. If it reaches the last record that fits the criteria, it will scroll back to the 1st record again.

Now take this 100 steps further. The collection is contextually aware of the content now. You could scroll to an Image based on the name of the image. You could have a set of test scores and scroll through only the ones that are above 90%. You could have a list of un-sorted products and scroll to each one of them based on their name or category. All without making additional API calls, or sorting/filtering data. Think of your own comparisons and scroll to them with ease.

Like the idea?

  • Awesome, I’d love a new way to search my data!
  • Nah, don’t need it

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This would be great for the mass sales documents when utilizing it as a sales tool…

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