Placeholder Problem - Video Popup layer (repost)

Hi, I’ve used this method to set up my interactive video gallery. It was very helpful. I’m having one issue though that I can’t seem to resolve. When I click on a thumbnail in my asset gallery, I have the placeholder video pop up set to pull up a video by binding it to my excel sheet. The problem is that when I touch on any other asset beyond the first on, they all seem to link to video #1 in the sheet instead of their corresponding video listed in the excel. Any advice on how to get the correct video to play with the right thumbnail image?

Thank you.

Hi Alisa,

Are you able to share a screenshot of your project or sharing your project, I am sure this will be a quick fix.

Kind Regards

Hi @alisa.katz,

As your message is duplicated with what you already posted here and here, I’m closing this thread in order to consolidate further answers.

Please avoid reposting :wink: