One selection triggers a whole list

• Forgetfulness
• Going into a room and forget why
• Going to a grocery store and forget what is needed to buy
• Forget to turn off tap water after washing
• Forget to turn off burner after cooking
• Got lost
• difficulty recall a conversation or names or addresses

These are some of the items a person can select. But only one item is shown on a scene layer.

Is there a way to design the Intuiface program so that when they select one symtpom, then their input triggers a series of similar symptoms for them to check and answer. For example, if they input or select forgetfulness, then the associated symptoms will popup for them to read and select. In other words, if they choose ANY one item from a hidden list then the whole list is shown to them for their selection.

Such design is more realistic and easy to use for the user but pose a challange for the designer. This is the reason I want to do this.

Thanks for your help,

Hi George,

From what I understand, you should be able to have all your “level 1” symptoms in a list of Toggle Buttons related to the same Toggle Set, in order to have only one “level 1” symptom selected at a time.

Then for each “level 1” symptom Toggle Button, have a list of related “level 2” symptoms in a group that you will be able to show or hide based on the parent symptom being selected using a binding between “level 1” checked property and group visibility property.

I’ve set up a quick sample demonstrating this, feel free to download and check it. (6.1 MB)

I hope I understood it right, if not, don’t hesitate to give more detail, mock-up, sample behavior etc.



Thanks Alex, now I have a new question.
Is there a way to design a combination trigger composed of 3 (or 2 or 5, etc) toggle buttons to trigger an action. For example, there are 5 toggle buttons - A,B,C, D,E to choose from. But only when ALL 3 particular combination of toggle buttons are checked then an action can be triggered. For example, when the combination A+B+C toggle buttons are checked then it triggers one action, the combination B+D+E triggers another action, the combination of A+C+D triggers another action, etc.

Thank again for your help,

Hi George,

You can set this type of request by using Conditional Triggers.

Following your example above, for the toggle buttons A, B and C, you can set up a conditional trigger on each, here is how it will look for Toggle button A:

(button A is checked)
AND (button B checked value = True)
AND (button C checked value = True)
List of actions #1

By setting this on A, B and C, you will trigger List of actions #1 when the 3 Toggle buttons are checked all together.

Then you can set another set of conditional triggers for B, D and E with another list of actions, and so on.

Kind regards.



Hello Alex, thank you for your help. I followed your suggestion. THe combination of conditional triggers worked. Now we have another problem.
Such combination of conditional triggers has a limitation. For it to work, for example - combination of toggle button A,B,C, it needs not only the combination but also the order of such combination is completed. Let me explain: If button A is the trigger, and toggle button B and C are the conditions, then such combination triggers action only when B and C (BC or CB, either order is OK) are both chekced BEFORE button A is checked. If, button A is checked before button B and C, then the trigger will not work.
One solution is to set up the combination trigger (for example ABC) in any order of ABC are checked. This means use any one of A, B, or C as the lead trigger and the other two buttons as conditions. However, when there is a 5 or 6 or more combination trigger, the work is a lot.

Do you have any suggestion?



You may have read too fast my previous message, you have to set the T/A and conditions on the 3 buttons.

By setting this on A, B and C, you will trigger List of actions #1 when the 3 Toggle buttons are checked all together.

Don’t forget you can copy/paste Triggers and Actions, or just Actions.
If you don’t know or remember how, I strongly recommend you to have a look at Intuiface Academy that has been launched this week! :tada:

Among the courses, there is one called “Guidelines and Best Practices” that will teach you this. Don’t hesitate to give it a try, it’s free!


Thank you so much Alex. I followed your suggestion and it worked like a charm!

Best regards,

Hello, Alex, hope you are having a great weekend.
As I progress with triggers/actions, where do I find and how do I use an “OR” function in the multiple conditions for triggers? All I have is “AND” function in the condition section.




If a trigger has more than one condition, you will be able to choose to execute the associated Action(s) if all the conditions are true (AND) or if any condition is true (OR).


As written previously, I strongly recommend you to read the Conditional Triggers dedicated article :wink:

Hello, Alex, thank you as always for your help. I am sorry I have been asking so many questions. I really believe the true potential of Intuiface software. I really believe this is what I need to achieve my goal. The problem is that I am NOT a computer person, not even close, even after I watched so many tutoring clips.

I did read the Conditional trigger section many times. It mentioned the “AND” and “OR” only at the very end, last sentence of the narrative, without further clarification. Is it possible to combine both “AND” and “OR” in a single conditional trigger set up? I tried it and it seems to be either “AND” or “OR” , but not the mixture of both.
How would I program a combination trigger scenario A, B,C, are all required; and but any one or more from D,E, F is needed?

Thank you as always,


It’s not possible to combine OR and AND in conditional triggers “as is”.

However for complex combinations, you can still use Toggle Button elements that you put on the side in order to fall back on a list of OR or a list of AND conditions.

For instance, if you want to implement something like (A AND B) OR C you can go with:

  • WHEN “Trigger” AND (A AND B) THEN
    • Check ToggleButton TB on the side
    • simulate a tap on button X

on button X:

  • WHEN button X is released AND (ToggleButton TB is Checked OR C) THEN etc…

For further questions, I recommend you to open a ticket on Support.

Thank you Alex, the combination of AND and OR conditional triggers worked out.
Is there an action option that allows copying and pasting of a checked toggel button into a separate layer in the same scene?
For example, if Toggle button “Fever” in layer 1 is checked, then this “Fever” toggle button is copied and pasted to Layer 2 for future use.



Hi @aamedua,

As recommended before, for further questions, I recommend you to open a ticket on Support.