One selection triggers a whole list

• Forgetfulness
• Going into a room and forget why
• Going to a grocery store and forget what is needed to buy
• Forget to turn off tap water after washing
• Forget to turn off burner after cooking
• Got lost
• difficulty recall a conversation or names or addresses

These are some of the items a person can select. But only one item is shown on a scene layer.

Is there a way to design the Intuiface program so that when they select one symtpom, then their input triggers a series of similar symptoms for them to check and answer. For example, if they input or select forgetfulness, then the associated symptoms will popup for them to read and select. In other words, if they choose ANY one item from a hidden list then the whole list is shown to them for their selection.

Such design is more realistic and easy to use for the user but pose a challange for the designer. This is the reason I want to do this.

Thanks for your help,

Hi George,

From what I understand, you should be able to have all your “level 1” symptoms in a list of Toggle Buttons related to the same Toggle Set, in order to have only one “level 1” symptom selected at a time.

Then for each “level 1” symptom Toggle Button, have a list of related “level 2” symptoms in a group that you will be able to show or hide based on the parent symptom being selected using a binding between “level 1” checked property and group visibility property.

I’ve set up a quick sample demonstrating this, feel free to download and check it. (6.1 MB)

I hope I understood it right, if not, don’t hesitate to give more detail, mock-up, sample behavior etc.