Intuiface Academy is OPEN


  • Consider yourself an Intuiface novice or lack confidence with using Intuiface tools?
  • You’ve been using many of Intuiface’s self-learning resources, such as the Intuiface Help Center and webinars, but still feel a little lost?
  • You’d like a more structured, step-by-step approach to learning about Intuiface?

If you fall into any of the above description(s), you’ll be happy to know that starting from today (drumroll please)…

We are offering a new online learning platform, Intuiface Academy.

Our latest customer support initiative brings a sea of Intuiface training videos into one organized and comprehensive learning environment - and it’s all totally free to use.

It enables users to pursue their own learning experience with the freedom to choose from multiple courses while still offering a structure that helps them easily evaluate their progress.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, watch this video introduction of Intuiface Academy and how to use it.

Ready to take a look? Check it out!


Whoooowww! It looks good! great work!

Kind Regards


Thanks Louie!

Do you receive anything for completing the academy courses like a sticker or badge or something? Or just the knowledge you pickup for completing the courses? :partying_face:


That’s a great question. We know one thing for sure. We wanted to build an open school for any Intuiface novice who wants more structured learning. We do think that helping the best way we can(you know we’ll never stop trying) our users to onboard with confidence is one of the best gifts we can make. Besides, it’s free! After for the question of how we are going to incentivize, we are leaning towards sending my signed selfies as a reward. Just kidding, we are planning something Louie. You’ll be the first one to know. Love your enthusiasm. Thanks always Louie!