[Object Recognition] Promultis have done it again


Hello Community,

Today we are presenting object recognition working in Intuiface on a TWO! PCAP Promultis Contour Kiosk. After many sleepless nights and the usual stresses of development, we are proud to have developed a solution.

The solution consists of:

  • Phidgets Motion Sensor
  • Phidgets 8/8/8 Interface kit
  • Promultis PCAP Contour Kiosk
  • x6 PCAP Conductive markers [Printed by us with acrylic top base]
  • x7 Spreadsheets per roundel
  • Many sleepless nights lots of Red Bull.
  • Many conversations with support @Seb :sunglasses:

The user would be able to walk up to the kiosk and the content would change from the screensaver to the main intro screen, thus allowing the user to place multiple markers at once.

This allows the user to follow a journey of each sector which is represented by each marker.

Here are one set of six markers printed and built by us!

You want to see a sneaky preview of the software? Here you go…


If you are interested in our object recognition solution, Drop me a PM and we can discuss further.

Kind Regards



You guys are awesome! I’d love to play with something like that, but I’ll have to find a client first. Well done Louie!


@mike_backhouse Great work! I’d like to see a video!


Awesome result Louie @mike_backhouse! As Bomee, would love to see a short video of the full user experience :wink:


@bomee.lafitte A video will be coming soon… :wink:


with an approval for me to share them on social? :wink: