[Object Recognition] Promultis have done it again

Hello Community,

Today we are presenting object recognition working in Intuiface on a TWO! PCAP Promultis Contour Kiosk. After many sleepless nights and the usual stresses of development, we are proud to have developed a solution.

The solution consists of:

  • Phidgets Motion Sensor
  • Phidgets 8/8/8 Interface kit
  • Promultis PCAP Contour Kiosk
  • x6 PCAP Conductive markers [Printed by us with acrylic top base]
  • x7 Spreadsheets per roundel
  • Many sleepless nights lots of Red Bull.
  • Many conversations with support @Seb :sunglasses:

The user would be able to walk up to the kiosk and the content would change from the screensaver to the main intro screen, thus allowing the user to place multiple markers at once.

This allows the user to follow a journey of each sector which is represented by each marker.

Here are one set of six markers printed and built by us!

You want to see a sneaky preview of the software? Here you go…


If you are interested in our object recognition solution, Drop me a PM and we can discuss further.

Kind Regards



You guys are awesome! I’d love to play with something like that, but I’ll have to find a client first. Well done Louie!

@Louie_Smith Great work! I’d like to see a video!

Awesome result Louie @Louie_Smith! As Bomee, would love to see a short video of the full user experience :wink:

@bomee.lafitte A video will be coming soon… :wink:


with an approval for me to share them on social? :wink:

Still waiting on that video :slight_smile:

Still waiting for my shirt and hat :wink:

We cant all have what we want.

I cant show a video unfortunately they have Top Secret documents inside the experience.

But when i get time i will be able to show you a white-labeled version.

You wanna wait on what we have planned for our show this year at RDSE :wink:


Hi Louie.
I m Tui from bangkok Thailand.Now i m developing in tangible object recognition project with intuiface and i got some problem. I try to use “oscTouchObject” from GitHub and

and i m not success with it. Intuiface didn’t active or recieve form oscTouchObject and it can’t work.That my problem about middleware it quit hard and too much coding for me so i need your suggestion about middleware where i can find a good or easy one to try?
Thank you very much

Unfortunately i cannot help.

But what i can offer is our middleware, what device are you wanting to use the middleware on?

Hi Louie
My device for test is computer touchscreen monitor (Dell p2418ht) and actual screen is tv screen with Interactive Touch Foil or LG 55TC3D (https://www.lg.com/us/business/commercial-display/displays-tvs/digital-signage/lg-55TC3D). I m interest in your middleware so much where i can find to try or buy?
Thank you very much

Hi Tui,

unfortunately our middle ware has not been tested on that display. But if you could tell me what the tuio version is 1.1 or 2.0?

Does it ofc support TUIO?

Kind Regards

Hi Louie
Many thank for your reply. I try to do from this tutorial https://www.instructables.com/id/Object-Interaction-With-Touchscreens/ i’m not sure for version. Can you suggest me where i can start to work with middleware?
Thank you very much


Unfortunately i cant help you with your version of the middleware, but what i would need is to test the middleware on that machine/display.

Also i do not have access to such display.

You could look at one of our displays which are Object Recognition ready!

Kind Regards


Have a look at this post.

Kind Regards

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The Dell p2418ht is actually my desk monitor I use everyday :slight_smile:
Tell me if you want me to run some tests for you :wink:

Yes Many thank Sep, Can you suggest me is the way how i can use Dell p2418 work with object recognition asset in intuiface? I try with object recognition asset project from this community. I success did it on this monitor with oscTouchObject (from github) but i dont know how to get it work in intuiface. If you can test or suggest me it will very good news for us.
Sorry for my english
Kind Regards,

Send me the project files ill have a test.


What version of TUIO does that monitor support?

Kind Regards


I use this project files to test https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fgwo2yV_8hbjXJtE3Kp_GDip746sdg9L
Thank you very much