Nircmd.exe won't take screenshot with Launch Application action


Hi, I am using the nircmd line tool with the Launch Application Action to try and take a screenshot of the full system background but it doesn’t seem to be working correct.

In Command Prompt I can issue the line "nircmd.exe savescreenshot “path/.png” and it functions as intended taking a screenshot of the entire desktop background. Yet when i set an action such as:

it doesn’t do anything.

for “Application” i enter: C:\Users\Programmer PC\Downloads\nircmd\nircmd.exe
for paramaters I enter: screenshot “C:\Users\Programmer PC\Desktop\shot.png”

Any ideas/help as to why this action is functioning incorrectly would be greatly appreciated. I feel it must be an issue with the arguments i’m passing as it works fine issuing the same command in command prompt. Thanks!


Hi @mike.r,

I can’t really help with nircmd as I never used this utility, but I’d like to know why you need this tool and if you considered using the scene take a snapshot action instead?


Seb’s right, you’re using the screen capture to be called from within inutiface, so we’re guessing you want to take a screenshot of the running experience, use the Snapshot - alot easier & less hassles


Thanks for the reply,

Snapshot would work fine as you suggest, but I want to be able to take a snapshot of the entire screen/background not just the actual image from the scene.

This is actually in reference to a previous reply you gave:

How would you exactly enter the action/paramaters I posted above? As this may also be a problem.

If this functionality can’t be done via the trigger/action, I have code in C# that will take a screenshot of the background. Although i don’t have any experience with creating a new Interface Asset with a descriptor file.

Thanks for the help!


Snapshot wouldwork, but I want to be able to take a screenshot of the entire screen, not just the image from the scene.


also, running this command, in command prompt:

nircmd.exe savescreenshot “c:\Desktop\shot.png”

will save the entire screen image to the desktop. I don’t understand why it won’t perform the same function when entering it as an action.


That is funny, you can take snapshots of the entire screen as well as specific elements. In this case, you want to capture the the whole desktop as the experience is running full screen, so ideally you should be taking a snapshot of the scene, not of the specific image. Please see attached screenshot


When you say “entire screen”, is there anything else than Intuiface running on your device that you’d like to capture?