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I would love it when a trigger could be added where you can make something happen when you put your mouse on a asset without clicking it. This way an asset can pop up or a new asset can show to catch your attention when you move over a certain asset.

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Interesting idea, but how would you use this with touch?

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A use case that I need this feature for is to “speak” the control name/purpose using text-to-speech for an ADA enabled experience.

Example: As a user hovers the mouse over a button, the experience would say: “exit button” or “add to cart button” using text to speech.

The new ADA Storm Panel allows an audio and visually challenged person to move the cursor around the screen on a kiosk by using the left/right, up/down buttons on the Storm panel; which is mounted on the kiosk. The user never actually “touches” the touch screen because he/she is physically challenged and can not reach all parts of the screen. By hearing the audio feedback mentioned above, that person knows when to press the “click” button on the ADA panel if the experience would tell him/her that the mouse is currently hovering over the button he/she is seeking.

The storm panel is physically mounted below the screen on the kiosk for the wheelchair-bound patients that can not reach all parts of the touch screen due to height restrictions.

Please note that The link above refers to Storm’s current Audio-Nav panel that only sends keyboard strokes (keyboard wedge) to the app, however they have a new version coming out that send Mouse movement and mouse click events to whatever app has focus. This new panel with it’s ‘mouse-wedge’ firmware, enables all intuiface developers to make our apps controllable using the storm panel without changing our current apps!

We can make our apps ADA compliant without changing a thing, EXCEPT for the needed audio feedback. This is why we need the “mouse hover” functionality in Intuiface.

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