Media folder + Universal media player

Hello guys, how are you?!

Sometimes I need to set a folder as my source of media, and I always get a bit confused here, I know we can create a path for each file and/or use FileSystemBrowsingJS to set a folder as a source, this is not perfect but “works”, unless I don’t have two assets to set folders in the same view in the experience, since like this, both will set to the same folder.

The other improvement is to complement the “Media folder” with a universal media player, that can display images, videos, etc on the go, without having to specify for each type of file if it is video, image, or else.

Both of these would be great to speed up development and to decrease the chance of unexpected behaviors :bug: since now we have to create small walkarounds to get the desired behavior.

Best, Ihnder


I’m sorry, I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the first point- the second point makes sense and sounds cool! What would you like Intuiface to do in the first point? I can understand the problem you’re describing, though. :slight_smile:



Sorry if I want clear. Let’s imagine that I’m using IF with a database based on Excel, and in my experience I have a section to display general media. But the media is not a single file, is a folder, with videos and images.

Currently, I cant bind a folder, and this is my problem, there is an asset called “FileSystemBrowsingJS” that you can find here: Dynamic content by folder - #21 by schumannlabs that allows you to choose a folder to display. But if you have this asset two times in the same Experience, they both will change to the same folder, they cant set folders independently.


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It looks like the only option you have is,

As Seb mentioned what would the scenario be why can’t you have a collection linked to the subfolder, in basic terms why do you need to do what you are trying to do?

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Hi Ihnder,

About the Dynamic content folder, why do you need multiple instances of that interface asset? Do you need to display several folder content at once? In several collections or merged into a single collection?
Remember that this is written in JavaScript, if the code doesn’t do exactly what you need, you can easily modify it.

Regarding the “Generic Media Asset”, I can tell you it’s already in the roadmap for our Player Next Gen :wink:


Hello Seb and @Louie_Smith

I guess in the end, you both asked the same question. The experience that I’m building consists of a big grid of products in a 4:1 landscape video wall, then a user or more may select different products, and in the selected product, will appear infos, specs, and a “asset grid” containing images and videos about it.

Being more specific for you Seb,

Yes, I need it. Media being in several collection folders.


I think I know about that 4:1 wall :wink:
In your case, I’d probably go with a customized version of the Interface Asset that handles a list of lists of media files.
If you were to go with the existing “FileBrowsing” IA, you don’t know in advance if you’ll need 1, 2 5 or more instances, since that’ll depend on the user inputs.
With a list of lists, you can have something more dynamic and tailored to your scenario.

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Dont think so :stuck_out_tongue:

When you say :

You mean editing the current asset right?

Yes, I mean editing the FileBrowsing Interface Asset. That’s the beauty of custom Interface Assets, you can make them do whatever you need to.


okay, thank you :slight_smile: