Launched: New Partner Programs!

Hello Community!

One of our long term ambitions is to create an Intuiface-centric ecosystem that fosters collaboration among diverse businesses who see Intuiface as a way to help their clients reinvent digital engagement for physical spaces. These businesses would of course include agencies creating interactive content, but they would also include integrators addressing one or more phases of the project delivery lifecycle, including hardware acquisition and configuration, project management, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

So how do we make this happen? And how can we do this while also empowering participants to build and run profitable, scalable interactive content creation and management businesses?

The answer is something we’re pretty happy about. Introducing our NEW PARTNER PROGRAMS!

  • Creative Experts Program: For agencies offering design and implementation services. This is an evolution of the existing Intuiface Experts Program. There are still the same 4 badge levels and conditions, but we we offer an improved set of benefits. Check out our list of existing Creative Experts Program members.

  • Value Added Reseller Program: A brand new program targeting agencies and integrators offering services for any or all of the project delivery lifecycle, including activities like hardware acquisition, setup, and configuration, deployment management, and KPI services. Benefits include volume discounts, free 1:1 consulting services, and comarketing activities. Here is our list of existing VAR Program members.

Interested? Think you’d like to become a partner? Tell us you’re interested and we’ll start the conversation.