Is it possible to use an experience to launch other experiences?


I’d like to use one experience as a menu of sorts, and be able to call up other experiences. Based on this previous post, it doesn’t look like it was possible, but maybe in the last year things have changed?

I would like to avoid having to compound all the content into one experience if possible.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @briannedahle1,

The answer will be the same as we didn’t have any request in the wishlist category.
You can either create one project that contains all your experiences or use the launch application action to launch a player + an experience.


Hi @Seb,

Thank you for your response! Does that mean that you have to use the kill application action to close the player to return to the previous experience? Or would that kill all open players?


Hi Brianne,

I conducted a similar experiment sometime back, running two different XPs on 2 different computers, they can interact with each other as long as they are on the same LAN network, i.e. XP 1 on computer one can be used to trigger something on XP 2 running on the second computer on the same LAN. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for.


You can use the launch application to launch a new player / experience + use the Exit action, with a delay, to close the currently running player.

Hi Seb,

How would I launch an experience from a folder that has variable number into it? Because I want my salesmen to be able to launch other experiences from their individual laptops. In the past I’ve worked with .bat files but I never had to deal with an unknown and variabel folder number (For example: C:\Users\Public\Intuiface\ 1-23d6e9b5-e113 \My_Experience.ifx)

I hope you understand my situation. If not, feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Nicholas,

This number is not a random number but the unique experience ID. You can find it either:

I hope this will let you create the proper links in your XP.


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