Is it possible to put a project within a project?

I’m wanting to know if I can put a project within a project.
I have two touchscreen exhibit interactive machines running two different dinosaur themed projects each with multiple scenes.

I am wondering if there is a way I can take a copy of those two projects (sets of scenes) and add them to a scene on a third exhibit interactive machine?

This third machine would have a scene in the project that the user can choose to go through either one of the dinosaur themed projects with its set of scenes.

Let me know if I need to clarify anything on this question.

Hi @bmares,

IntuiFace doesn’t have this feature yet but that would be a good candidate for you to post in our Wishlist category.

In the meantime, you can already copy content between multiple instances of Composer and merge your projects into a single one.


Hey @bmares,

As an alternative, maybe try to put all 3 into one project? Then use the System Info asset to allow your project to “decide” which scene it is going to show, based on which computer it is on. Then you can set a plan for how the scenes are navigated from there.

I’ve done this successfully with 6 touch screens, showing different content, but using one experience presentation. Here’s a link to a big discussion we had similar: Local Variable Interface Asset - #17 by gnagy - Wishlist - Intuiface Community

In my opinion, this would even be more efficient. For me, it was helpful if there were similar elements that were shared…I wouldn’t need to update multiple experiences and publish multiple. I could update the different scenes in one experience and publish it once to all of the computers. And let the computer dictate which scenes it needs to show.

Love to hear your thoughts!

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