Interactive Camera / interactive solution

I am looking for help to find a solution for interactivity.
I have a transparent acrylic sheet / glass sheet and a projector for presentation. I want to make it interactive when projector send output to sheet.
I tried to use it with MultiTouch projected capacitive touch sheet ( I bought from Online store). It worked poorly as when you touch the screen, the clicked icon was not on proper position.
I need your help to chose interactive camera, or something like OptiTUIO and how can I make this sheet + projector work precisely, that is, when I click an icon on sheet , it should work accurately. I don’t have much money to experiment and fail.
Thank you.

Hi @kareemnutkani,

Our support team already answered you about the hardware partners we work with and I confirm that I haven’t tested any solution that would fit your description.
Depending on the screen size, I’d probably look at some transparent PCAP screens. I believe Planar or LG have some models available.

I am sorry, it seems I could not explain my issue properly.
What I wanted to say is, HOW can make glass window of a store interactive and someone can click icons outside.
Thank you.

Hey Abdul,

You might want to head over to our website, we have done this many times before.

Promultis Interactive Window
Promultis Pricelist
Have a look at our outdoor interactive window!

If you want to know more feel free to drop me a PM.

Kind Regards