FujiFilm Store Launch House of Photography Solution - Promultis

Fujifilm opened [an all new] first of its kind Customer Experience centre in the heart of Covent Garden, London, called the FUJIFILM House of Photography.

Spanning three floors, this centre showcases various aspects of Fujifilm’s photography and imaging brands from picture taking to picture making.

Across these three floors, they wanted to install a (huge) large range of interactive and non-interactive displays, which is where we come in.

An Impressive Entrance

The first floor houses the majority of our hardware, which helps to create an amazing first impression of the store, adding dynamism and extra flash to an already impressive customer experience centre.

The centrepiece of our installation is an impressive 3×2 Videowall displaying a bespoke digital signage solution which allows staff to push Imagery and Video onto individual screens at the push of a button through a back end content managment platform.

As well as changing media, staff are able to switch through 7 preset layouts at any time through the same management platform.

Totem Directory
Our Interactive Totem stands in centre view when customers enter the store, naturally drawing them in to interact [with the device].

We designed the interactive software to act as an information hub/wayfinding point. Customers are able to view the all the week’s events in advance, these events can be updated at any time by floor staff via a backend content management console.

In addition to this, Customers are also able to find out more about the shop staff, such as a small ‘about me’ section, their spoken languages, and areas of expertise. All this data is stored in the cloud and new staff can be added at any time.

Lastly, users can browse individual floor plans of the first floor, second floor and ground floor.

The video of the software:

Lens Selector
The Lens selector shall we say its the “Piece De Resistance”

The user has to answer three series of questions which in result will narrow down the best lens for you. In the back end this is working out the best option out of a total of 50 lenses, once the final lens is selected it will then also show the also considered lenses which is different depending on the series of questions you answer.

The ability to be able to compare lenses together and dynamically change the Focal Length and Aperture of the lens selected. - For the photo people you’ll know what this means.

The video of the software:

Moving Images
Users are able to view a gallery of different videos provided by the artists who use the FujiFilm equipment.

Non Interactive Displays

As well as a variety of interactive content throughout the store we also have the “Traditional Signage” which is showing product videos and images throughout the store.

Interactive Front Window

Which is currently showing the walk through of the store as if you where there!

Wanna see the store for youself without visiting?.. Well here you go! get the Promultis Immerse experience! :wink: no pun intended.

x1 3x2 Videowall
x7 non interactive screens
x5 Interactive touchscreens - Promultis ofc!

Alot of hours and sweat, tears went into this!
Special thanks to @Alex :wink:



Congratulations, final result is impressive!



Awesome work!!! Really impressive.

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Amazing !!

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Impressive result @Promultis, thanks for sharing this with the community!

At the end of the day, Intuiface is still just a tool. Tools are most effective when in the hands of craftsmen. Big congrats to you and your colleagues for pulling off such an impressive project.


Congrats Louie! Let’s bring this story outside the community, will you? Dropping you a note…


Amazing work, yet another mindblowing justification why Intuiface is a perfect choice for projects, backed by an awesome team.

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Congrats Louie and team. Such a cool activation and very well documented even with a virtual tour. And I really love the Lens Selector XP. Well done!

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