Infinite scroll

For a new experience in our museum, we want to build an interactive underground journey. Theres an old Flash website ( We want to build completely new and use it offline.
Is there a way to build an endless horizontal scrolling item (We will produce a seemless image for it)? I’ve read about it in an older post … the last message is, that it will be possible in the NextGen Player: Infinite scroll for the asset grid :wink:

Hello @bruno.arnold,

Having an infinite scroll in a collection like the example you have shown is not currently possible. At this time I do not have a forecast as to when this is available.

Keep an eye on the Announcements section of Community and the Release Notes section to see updates.


Hi Bruno,

I took a look at that link and it seems to be quite different from the infinite scroll for the asset grid. What you are looking to replicate may be achievable using the deep zoom or some other design accelerator. Send me the graphics if you can and I can see if there’s a possible solution.

Deep Zoom Composer has been discontinued by Microsoft in 2021, so I would not recommend going into that direction.
Intuiface Composer still has the Deep Zoom asset available for legacy / retro-compatibility purposes, but it will eventually be discontinued as well.

Thank you Seb! At the moment we build it without infinity scrolling. That’s ok :slight_smile:

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