Image slideshow from excel, with filtering


I’m using an Asset grid to display a number of locations, where the data is in an excel spreadsheet.
All good here…

For each location, I also want to display an image slideshow, where the data is stored in the same Spreadsheet, but in a different sheet… it looks like this:

I thought it could be done, but I’m just not able to see it… when I’m viewing a location (or a person as shown), is there a way to only show images from that location/Person? I tried to see how to filter, but maybe missing something, or maybe can’t be done?

Example of what i’m looking to achieve:

Hi Ryan,

What you’re trying to achieve would be doable through an Excel file if you had to display only one location on your screen. You could have used a first collection with all location from a first Excel Worksheet, then, upon Location selection, show a unique Slideshow, by filtering by location a second Worksheet containing all the medias as it’s done in samples Restaurant Menu or Steel Frames Collection on Marketplace.
It uses a pattern we call “Master Detail”, explained in this dedicated article here.

If you want the exact layout you shown above,I recommend you to use a json file instead of an Excel file as shown here: How to use data between 2 nested asset grid



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Thanks Alex, greatly appreciated! No, i’ll pop open a new window for the slideshow instead of the layout above. :+1: