How to use data between 2 nested asset grid

Hello and Sorry for inconvenience about image because I cannot attach a image more than 1

I would like to display data (1. or the left hand side of image)

and use the data from excel that got 2 sheet

  1. Company-theme sheet
  2. Company-detail sheet
    and structure of them are display on the middle of image (2)

I create nested Asset Grid with excel data ( 3. or on the right hand side of image)

I would like to use value from ‘theme’ text to filter ‘dashboard-row’ Asset Grid data but it doesn’t work.

Please Help me

Thank you very much

Pornphop S.

Hi Pornphop,

Excel won’t be the proper asset to use in order to achieve this type of list and display as we usually use filtering to discriminate elements for a “category” (generic word).
In your case, number of Companies may vary, same with number of details (may be 1 or 2, or more I guess) and the details.

Instead of Excel, I recommend you to use an json file.
I’ve set up a quick one that you can see here
I’ve used to write it, and then hosted it on

Once it’s done, just fire your API Explorer, use the URL in it and create an Asset from the json file.
If you drag’n drop this asset on your scene and after a minute of layouting, you’ll end up with this :

which is exactly what you have on the #1 (left hand side) of your picture.

I’m sharing this small experience if you want to dig in. (6.2 MB)

This sample will allow you to display every data. There is no filtering on JSON client side.

If you want to filter, Excel is the way to go, but I need more details on you exactly want as I don’t understand exactly.
What do you want to see in your experience, based on what criteria ?
All Companies for a specific Theme? Themes for one specific Company?
I could use more details.




Thank you very much Alex

Your solution is very interesting, I will try this one and If I got a problem issue, I will ask you later

Thank you

Pornphop S.

Ok Pornphop,

Also don’t forget we have a talented Support Team and you can open a ticket if you have any issue.