Image Rotation for DSLR Photos

Hello community,
It’s a little-known limitation, but IF is not currently able to recognize EXIF tags in pictures taken with DSLR cameras.

What is an EXIF tag? It’s what tells the image to rotate so it shows up correctly. When the tag cannot be read, the picture could show sideways or upside down in a collection.

Why is this important? If you happen to have a gallery of professional pictures, there’s a good chance that some of the pictures will appear incorrectly rotated in the collection. When the photographer turns his camera to take a vertical picture, the physical pixels of the picture actually stay the same…but an EXIF tag is added in the file to tell your computer to turn it correctly when viewed. Even re-saving the image as a new orientation doesn’t work, since this only changes the EXIF tag. The picture needs to be opened in a program like Photoshop and manually turned so that the pixels themselves are reset to the new picture size/shape. This can take a long time.

Though this may not be high on the Intuiface roadmap, it can be a big concern for customers who want to display their professional pictures. I’ve personally had ran into this with a few projects and it caused some extra time/efforts.

So I’m making this post to hopefully gain some support that it might make it to list of fixes for a future version. Thanks for chiming in!

  • Yes! I can support this fix
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I have run into this same problem when doing some design work with my collection and displaying correctly and it would be helpful as I have to manually rotate my images and saving them before placing them so they display correctly which seems kind of odd that something so simple as recognizing the exif info should be such a basic task. It would be a big help if they could add a fix for this.